How to become a better writer

How to Become a Better Writer – Part 1

How to Become a Better Writer

As a writer, the need to be good at the craft cannot be overemphasized. Although it is not enough a factor to make one a successful author or self-publisher, it is a critical role to that effect.

Your book’s content plays a crucial role in making your buyer come back to buy your second book or recommend it to other readers.

So, having a captivating content is highly necessary.

That is why Africa Read has provided this online platform to train writers to become very skillful in the art of writing to enhance the production of good books for our readers.

The training will last three months, twice a year.

The next training session will take place from September to November 2020.

However, within this break period, there will be short posts packed with good stuff that can get you sustained.

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