More about AfricaRead’s Reader App

Through the app, allows its authors to deliver information to their targeted audience with ease. AfricaRead App displays quite a wide range of Books on its user-friendly interface categorically(i.e. Business & Finance, Children Books, Novels Drama & Poems, Textbooks etc.) making it easier for her readers to view, select and buy their favourite books which is just within a user’s income. Prices of books are tagged with the users’ local currencies making buying easy without stressing yourself over conversion rates. Books bought get stuck on the app for easy identification and access. And most importantly to protect the copyright of an author of both free books and those that are on sale.

Who is the app for?

The App is designed for all lovers of books in every category. To make it simpler for the reader to gain easy access and buy or download his or her favourite book using their mobile money account or other locally or internationally accepted online payment systems. And ultimately helps to protect the copyright of authors.

Hello mighty one, Africa Read is here to bridge the gap between authors and readers. Get familiar with the books of your favourite authors here! Get a new Bookshelf Now. Get the App Now and Sign in.

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