protect your home poem

Protect Your Home – A Poem by Edem Fodeka

Breath your temper

Slowly down the fridge

Let your anger

Meet the call of love at first sight

So that your fist

Will be a weapon of protection

For your beloved

Whom you saw that day

And before many ears

Echoed in your voice

Till death do us part

And don’t allow your tongue

The invisible lion

Devour your half better

Whom you vowed to

Before the Altar

For it holds the key to your life

The jungle belongs to the wild

Homes are a foundation of peace

Peace of mind

The mind of love between hearts

Hearts which rest not until

the other is happy and healthy

Healthy enough to make the other

Rest with peace of mind

Don’t let your house

A boxing ring be

Other than that

Your winning belt will be

Walls of the south, north

east and west

And your regretful tears

Will buy for you

Only sorrow from its market

Written by; Edem Fodeka Kusorgbor

Contact phone: 0245857983

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