Subjects of Life…

If Maths is difficult with formulae,
Then life is the most difficult aura,
If History is an uphill battle with date,
Then life is a zigsaw puzzle with a reeling head.

If Geography is confusing with lines and maps,
Life seems bigger than the spurs and gaps,
The swiftness of Physics with greater velocity,
Is easier than the life filled with hiccups and curiosity.

The right mixture of chemicals in chemistry,
And the perfect plotlines of the story,
Are way easier than the life itself,
As life is not placed on the shelf.

The perfect fusion of an egg in biology,
And a cathartic feelings of play of comedy,
Are digestible than the absurdity of life,
When you’re pulled in sorrows and grief.

Computer processed with right data and facts,
Is friendly compared to life filled with this and that,
Life has no credit and debit account akin to accountancy,
But life seems economical in the absence of currency.

Life has characteristics puzzling than that of Commerce,
Filled with gossips, hatred, egos, and rumours,
Media Studies might be confusing with facts and figures,
But life itself is a gun ready to shoot you with a pull of trigger.

©® Bagawath Bhandari

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