My Experience at the Banking Hall

My Experience at the Banking Hall

Money is a necessity for daily transaction. Day in day out people flock to the various banks to transact. Workers and customers all have a role to play at the banking hall. Workers provide services to customers and maintain relationships.

One thing that is noted at some banks is the unnecessary delay customers experience. Recently, I went to one of the renowned banks to bank some money. My experience there was quite unpleasant.

A worker who was attending to the needs of customers applying for loans and making fixed deposits was the same one helping to renew ATM cards for applicants. I must say, productive time was wasted as customers present for various reasons had to wait for this over loaded worker to attend to each of us. A task that could be done within some few seconds had to experience minutes and hours. What happens to the productivity expected from these customers at their places of work?

After a careful perusal, I realized there seems to be insufficient workers. The reason for this is unknown to me. However, I wondered how such a well-known bank could have a situation like this. Whether the workers were on leave, absent or fired, one cannot tell.

Despite the situation, friends and families of workers present were skipping queue and having their needs met. Unfamiliar people do experience such situation at various places. This, gradually is becoming the order of the day and it is gaining acceptance across work places, though some speak against it.

Having thought about my experience at the banking hall, I can say that the value for time is losing its relevance. Many spend time without calculating time. Which in return, grossly affect productivity. I then realized the popularity of a profound statement doesn’t equals its impact on listeners. I thought it is common knowledge that time wasted can never be regained. Perhaps, many are hearers but not listeners.

Banks among other institutions should know the value of time and smoothen their customer services. That’s, being conscious of time and how it’s spent, especially at the banking hall.

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