Refilling My Energy…

I never get tired of being myself,
And I never give up easily,
I am the best version of myself,
And I never lose energy in performing my duty.

I keep rambling throughout the day,
I keep working with the utmost merriment,
I make mistakes,
But I never cease to learn.

If I am tired I take a good rest,
But I never quit,
Because quitting isn’t in my syllabus,
Instead I keep dragging myself till I catch my dream.

I may shed tears,
But I will never fail to stand up,
And walk slowly,
Until I get hold of my goal.

As I am so is my direction,
I keep floating in the ocean,
Affirmatively with my emotions,
Till I halt myself in my destination.

I refill my energy,
To continue my endless journey,
And I keep racing my life,
In the bumpy road of happiness and grief.

©® Bagawath Bhandari

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