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Read to satisfy the invincible need

Reading empowers, reading refreshes, reading gladdens the heart, reading satisfies the soul, reading informs, reading a good book refines your skills. The metamorphosis of the brain powered by reading births out new ideas and approaches. Individually, we all have a particular need in our hearts of hearts which can be satisfied just by reading a good book. This piece is typed to help you continue in the path of discovery and satisfying that particular need.

Reading as a path of Discovery

Many people have walked on the sand of time leaving footprints behind and every tracks left behind are there to be followed to achieve the same or better results. This is why reading from great people as it were is a great achievement to satisfy that need.

Be informed…

  1. Research has it that the average individual watches television 2-3 hours at most a day. With the average Netflix user spending two hours a day on the service.
  2. The average individual spends 2 hours and 25 minutes daily on social media.
  3. A greater percentage of teens, youth and young adults uses the services of social media for basically chatting, commenting on photos, read some few jokes etc.

make good use of your time online by reading this!

 Books are a uniquely portable magic – Steven King

Books cannot give you a blessing but it can lead you to a blessing. Most people have interesting excuses to give when it comes to reading that great book within the said week but allowing television and social media take a greater part of their time. Want your time spent on your digital media be useful and productive? Build your digital bookshelf with today. There are free great books you can begin with as a reader, or an author. Feel free to read on the Go anywhere, anytime.

Possible effects of reading

These and many other effects are what we tend to avoid if we keep on refusing to read at least two books a year.

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