how to promote your book

How to Promote Your Book – Part 1

How to Promote Your Book to Drive More Sales

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all that is important about books is to be able to write and write well. The fact is, that makes you only a writer. Nothing more. Quite far from an author. Someone just asked, ‘is there a difference between the two?’ For the sake of the issue at hand, let me simply say an author is one that has a published work, meaning if your work hasn’t been published, you remain a writer.

I want to believe that if you are reading this, then it is obvious you don’t want to remain only a writer forever. You have resolved to have your work published. To be proudly called an author. Congratulations in advance.

However, it should not end here. Turning your write-up into a published material either in hard-copy or enlisting it on the self-publishing platform, Africa Read is not enough.

 Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the fact that having your book on Africa Read is a significant step taken to see your work and your name attain a good height.

One truth is your novelty must reach the masses, you must be part of knowledge sharing, And very importantly, you must make money from your work. My dad said something amazing some years ago, which changed a lot about me concerning my business world. He said, ‘talent is income.’ Of a truth, your manuscript shouldn’t lie in your room, and you are only having satisfaction in the fact that you have written a good piece. Or just to be known by a few people as a writer. No! Most definitely, No!!

You can turn that talent of writing into a whole world of business for a good gain. 

I hear a wild scream, HOW????

Have no fear, that’s why I am here, I will guide you gradually to actualize that dream.

As I said early on, having your book published on Africa Read is the first most crucial step after doing good work on your material. And about having a well-written content, you can join our free writing course, Writers 101, for help. So in continuation, the golden question is, how does publishing my work on Africa Read be an essential step into actualizing my dream as a successful author?

I will give you a few reasons for now.

1. With Africa Read, you enjoy 90% royalties. You have seen right, 90%. It is the highest in the industry, unlike other platforms where you get only 70% royalty. And more unfortunately, on some platforms, if your book costs less than 15 cedis, you will be given just 30% royalty. Very sad enough. This causes most books on such platforms to be more than 15 cedis because the author doesn’t want to be given only 30% royalty. To come up with a book is not that easy, so Africa Read deems it fit to let the writer enjoy the appropriate and suitable enough royalty, 90%.

2. The second reason Africa read is the ideal place to see growth is the simple localized payment system they accept alongside the international payment system. Imagine how it feels like a young writer who has come up with what he believes to be a masterpiece. He enlists it on a giant platform so-called. And he tells his people, ‘you will love my masterpiece, please buy it.’ His people are excited for him, and are willing to buy, only for them to get there and realize they have to buy with a credit or debit card, which they don’t have and don’t know how to use. How traumatizing that will be for the young masterpiece author and his willing buyers. This problem is solved now. For instance, in Ghana, Mobile Money is the easiest and most convenient payment system for the citizens. My dear friend and author, why not afford them the pleasure and comfort of buying from   Africa Read Platform that has such a payment system. The same applies to other African countries.

Let’s hold on to these two for now and let me highlight other factors that will ensure that your work sees the broad light of a good day.

1. Reviews

2. Website Creation

3. Community Identification

4. Noise Making

5. Door Knocking

These five points are highly critical to ensuring that you maximize your place as an astute author and publisher. Follow me on my next post as I journey you through these essential means.

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