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Overcoming the Fear of Mathematics

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How to Overcome The Fear of Mathematics.

Mathematics seen as a subject or course or even as a part of human life activities has really played a very vital role in the lives of many of us, and there is no denying the fact that Mathematics cannot be skipped simply because we encounter some elements of it in our everyday living.
Most people both the young and the old, male and female, students and teachers, employer and employee are in one way or the other harnessing the fear of maths in their minds. Some see it as a burden, an enemy, a demon, or a god. But hey, are you going to sit down there and let something you do in your everyday life bully you?
You’ve got to fight back! Don’t give up! There is more room for excellence.

Now at one time, I found myself in a remedial class setting where most high school graduates came around for classes to sit for the papers they didn’t do well in. Well… I realized that in all the subjects that were offered, a greater number of these students only appear for maths class. Hmmm… So I asked one of our masters that, ‘Sir, why do we have a lot of students coming in for maths class.’ He said, “Sam, I think it’s high time the government make a decree to arrest any teacher who will stand in front of pupils to declare that Maths is a difficult activity to do”-hahaha
It’s funny but it’s the truth, most people have this fear simply because of what their masters of the subject told them.

But hey, don’t you make it a burden no more, because this article is penned to walk you through ‘Ways you can overcome such fear’ with a real-life experience.

Mathematical Activities Cannot Be Skipped

Many people have made the attempt of skipping Mathematics but all to no avail. The lady who thought she had skipped maths and so decided to take an early childhood course in education still met math. The young guy who because of Math dropped out of school still met math when he started his own business. This and many other scenarios tell us that math cannot be skipped, it is everywhere.

Now, do you believe that all scripture was breathed by God? If yes, then this same scripture at one time called out for a mathematical understanding in Rev. 13:18 And you know God cannot call out that which he knows it does not exist out of a man. He knows perfectly well what he has placed on the inside of you. So be informed that you have the understanding already. Now let’s zoom into ‘Five major steps you can take to build your confidence and eliminate fear from the equation of tackling mathematical problems.

Steps to Take to Overcome  ear of mathematics

1. Face it with love

There are many of us who hate counting and numeracy. And when we are asked why? We spell out beautiful excuses. Bible said that: ‘Hatred stirs up conflict’ indicating that, the more you hate the course you fight it then it becomes an enemy then you start ignoring it.
And it added that ‘But love covers over all wrongs’
Yes, you’ve got to develop an affection for the course and start caring for it by setting a SMART goal toward it. And this I say, ‘Fight the enemy with Love’.

2. Learn with love

After your SMART goal is set to be executed, study with love, do the necessary research, ask questions and learn to play with it as a normal activity.

3. Teach with love

The best learner is the greatest teacher. Become a master of the course by teaching.
After studying ensure that you implement those skills and knowledge by teaching your peers who find themselves in that situation than you were in before. Because in that, you will be able to do all the research required to be well equipped to answer every question that will be brought out by any of your peers.

4. Pray with love

You cannot learn without God.

You know it is He who put that ability on the inside of you so just as a fish wouldn’t feel comfortable on the neatly dressed bed, so you need to stay connected to your source of ability in Prayer. Pray that God ignites that ability in you always so you can also extend help to others when they need it.

5. Repeat the process

Don’t feel relaxed after a single or a double attempt. Practice they say makes perfect. So keep repeating the process over and over again. Keep finding solutions to mathematical problems till excellence is achieved.

A True-Life Story.

Once upon a time, still at the remedial class setting, a 23year old lady walked up to me and said ‘Dear can you please help me with some topics in Mathematics? ‘ well… I said ‘why not, I will be glad to.’ Then I made her wrote the topics she was finding difficult to deal with and she submitted it. Now to cut the long story short, I taught her and in the end, I decided to conduct a test for her. Surprisingly, she had all right, then I looked into her face with a

broad smile then she asked ‘why?’ then I told her ‘you know I used an elective(further) mathematics textbook to teach you and those questions you solved are not in the core but in the elective’ then she was speechless. She doesn’t know how she did it. Now, this was simply because she had mentioned to me that she hates maths and even doesn’t want anything to do with Elective Mathematics because that one is mind-blowing. Haha, it happened that she solved the mind-blowing one.

So, to those who say, ‘Mathematics is not my field.’ tell me, where do you prefer to farm if mathematics is not your field. Cut the crab and put those steps into practice and see a change in your view of Mathematics.

Mathematics is a Friend, not an Enemy.

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