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“Self-publishing will play an interesting role in the future. The big publishing houses are keeping an eye on self-publishing books, and if sales are going well, they will most likely offer the author a contract. Therefore I believe that self-publishing will become the new way of breaking into traditional publishing.” These were the words from Sweden’top self-publisher, Emilia Schepp.

Now, in the world of book writing and publishing, most writers don’t feel comfortable calling themselves authors, they can only call or even appreciate the name ‘author’ when they get their books published by a great publishing house and get to feel the hardcover of their books in between their fingers. That, they can beat their chests and appreciate to call themselves authors.
But hey, you don’t need to sell your piece to a well-known publishing house before you can become an author.

In this article, I am going to walk you through knowing your way around online self-publishing. The free access to technology and its mobility has influenced every step of consumer’s life. Especially most book readers have started changing their reading habits, thereby opting for different types of formats of books such as ebooks.
Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.
Online self-publishing is simply publishing your written piece your way online in the form of an ebook.

Authors can self-publish on some famous platforms such as, Amazon, Lulu, Ingram, Barnes, and Noble, etc.
To help the author reading this; get to know this: most of these platforms are only profit-centered and not to satisfy or give the author his or her maximum ease of publishing.

Freedom in self-publishing

Platforms with complicated tools for self-publishing can’t be relied on. Mr. Buffet once said “I won’t invest in a business I know very little about” so you see, This is where I say that one among the stated platforms stands out

AfricaRead – Largest Self-publishing platform in Africa is one of the platforms that allow the writer to self-publish his work, his way.
Thus, with AfricaRead, you find simple tools to work with as an author. Simple author dashboard to manage for yourself and authors are also briefed on a simple way of marketing for their books.
Yes! With, it is simple for the author.

Hear this mighty one, “Every author should begin their writing career self-publishing, even if their dream is to be with a large publisher… The key to making it as a writer is to write a lot, write great stories, publish them yourself and act like a pro, network, be nice, invest in yourself and your craft and be patient – Hugh Howey.

Dear, you have a dream? pursue it. You have a word? say it. You’ve got a piece? self-publish it now.
Most people spend ¢6,000 – ¢10,000 to self-publish their book. Why don’t you do it the easier and cheaper way through online self-publishing?

To do that find a platform that offers a higher royalty which is above 85% but requires just a peanut to self-publish your work. I have seen making authors smile by that. where you earn a whopping 90% royalty per every book sale.

Find a platform where you can price your book with any amount you prefer.
Get to the platform that does its utmost best to get your masterpiece protected from piracy and plagiarism. And ensures that an author’s work is protected through its intelligent reader App available and downloadable on Google Playstore.
Get your work recognized and sold in Africa and beyond also through

So you see? In all the platforms mentioned AfricaRead knows the needs of authors and so has provided accordingly.

You can get connected to them via

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