Landmark of Greatness- The Story of David

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Service – The Landmark of Greatness

Much has been said about David. Preachers and speakers from all walks of life have taught from the story of David admonishing congregants and audiences. Some principles and quotes have been extracted from the passages concerning this once lived great King. And of a truth, a read through the life and story of David inspires one to take some stance. How on earth could a shepherd of few sheep become a King of a nation? Not just any nation but Israel. Many, therefore, are being faithful with the little they find with the expectation that the greater will come having read David.

However, looking around and seeing the attitude of some young people today makes one wonder if they ever read David’s story. There seems to be a neglect of the way talked about so much by all kinds of people. Many people of this age want to skip a season for their throne. Everyone is in a hurry to be recognized. Nobody wants to be on the field with few sheep and with no recognition, as it were. We find that very tasking. Yet that’s an integral part of greatness. I, therefore, consider that it is only great people who have the heart to serve. Yes, service to God, in ministry, to people are not for common people. Common people are always rushing to be heard. They find it cumbersome to submit to service. I don’t want to be named among such. Never!

Service as depicted by David

Service, in this age, is becoming a thing of the past. Is it an adverse effect of modernity, one would wonder? Could it be the messages we hear? What has changed? I perceive that we are wrong in our inclinations. Perhaps, we see service as punishment and we are too royal for that. “I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation so I don’t serve. I am a king”. My pastor once said that though God has changed His method of dealing with us, His principles are the same. Our reality, as it were, doesn’t change the fact that we must go through our season of service. We shouldn’t forget that “every leader was once a follower”, a follower of men or some principles.

“Make you His service your delight, Your wants shall be His care” Charles Wesley.

We must of necessity have the right view of service and develop a positive attitude towards it. For therein, skills, talents, and gifts are developed. It is a training ground and we should wholeheartedly submit to it. Imagine King David without his experience with the few sheep. How best could he have defended his subjects? We could be lackadaisical with our season of service if it has no prediction about our future. But, if traces of the future could be seen, then we must be diligent in it. If not, we might suffer in the end. We shouldn’t handle matters of service with a nonchalant attitude.

The season of service is a necessary and integral part of the life of every great person. And all and sundry must perceive it as such.

Baldwin Duodu Kwatia

[email protected]

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