Suicide Is Not An Option

The rate at which suicide is roaring its ugly head in our society is too much. I therefore write this from the depth of my soul to that special someone.

”The Prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest heart has felt the most pain.”

You want to kill yourself because you feel unloved and rejected❓

You feel the world is unfair to you.❓

You feel you’re not enough.❓

You feel you’re an aquatic imbecile right❓

But wait✋

Before you do that, think about the lady penning down this piece.

She has been through fire.

She has been sexually abused by people she trusted.

Verbally and physically abused by people she loved.

Rejected by people she adored.

Neglected and abandoned by her father.

She was bittered in her heart.

Behind her smile, are unseen scars.

Scars that have taken many years to heal.

She weighed the odds but buried the pain under her feet.

She drifted off to the wrong place at the wrong time in her quest to find love and happiness.

Instead of happiness, she found pressure wrapped like pleasure.

She got hooked and addicted to the web of pleasure.

The pleasure became her drive.

She could hardly go a day without it.

It was food for her.


It made her empty.

It ripped her of her potential.

She began to feel dirty, ugly and worthless.

Her life was a mess.

Whenever she glanced into the mirror, she saw a lost soul, a shattered future and a blurred destiny.

She tried her best to unhook herself from the web yet she couldn’t.

She felt her life draining away.

She just wanted to die.

At night, she cries her heart out.

But when morning arrived, she was her perfect self.

She was plagued with all kinds of terrible thoughts.

Within, she was dead yet alive physically.

Just when she thought she had had enough and wanted to end it all, there came different touches of kindness from unexpected sources.

All her pent up emotions came out and with that, came tears.

Tears of frustration.

Tears of regrets.

Tears of pain at being ultimately abused, rejected and neglected by people who are supposed to be her safe haven.

She felt a dam being lifted from her heart and she couldn’t stop the deluge of emotions that followed.

She allowed them to help her find her healing.

Here she is, today😊.

Impacting lives with her story.

Saving people from stepping into her torn shoes.

And helping people deactivate sexual addictions by guiding them to activate their REAL SELF.

She’s not where she wants to be yet she’s grateful for how far she has come.

She lives her life by holding tightly to the promises God in stored for her.

She has been a fighter.

She has been knocked down.

She has been depressed.

She has been betrayed….


She has never been broken.

Her will is iron and her spirit fires.

There’s nothing in this world that can stop her from making a beautiful paradise out of a thorny life.

Now, back to you👀👀

Are you still contemplating quitting on yourself?

Listen to me, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been rejected, neglected and abused.

No matter how you have failed, no matter how things didn’t go according to your plan, no matter how you have missed it or how people have quit on you, don’t quit on yourself.

Pass through whatever you have to pass through, knowing that a glorious future awaits you.

Don’t give up when the answers to your problems are just around the corner.

The life you’re living now, is never the end.

The pain you’re going through isn’t your life.

There’s always something bigger, better, greater, brighter, glorious and beautiful awaiting you at the end of the tunnel.

Persevere through the mess, so you can have a message for the world.

Remember, your Creator says that, “He alone knows the plans He has for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”-Jeremiah 29:11.

It doesn’t matter if people pushed or pulled you down, drained or fueled you, loved or left you, hurt or helped you, what matters is, remember what your creator said concerning you.

Don’t quit on yourself even when everyone has written you off, dust yourself up, start from somewhere and help yourself.

You may lose your way but never lose HOPE.

If you feel unloved, remember, someone you’ve never met or might never meet, loves you just as you are but first, develop the art of loving yourself.

Keep this in mind 👇👇

Suicide Is Never An Option.❌❌❌

Dearest, I love you so much.

Make a decision to UNMUTE today; Tomorrow might be too late.

©Esther Aku-Sika

I still remain The Unmuted Survivor; your best plug to help you lead a bondage-free life.

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Thanks for reading.

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