Jail Like Room…

I am all alone in my jail like room,
Watching the pelting rain and missing the moon,
Stars are absent today in my attendance,
As I keep watching clouds in my grievances.

Only rain sings sadly falling in the drain,
With every drop of rain I see my pains,
Floating in the ocean of my tearing heart,
Whilst rain bashes the beauties of the earth.

Marine of thoughts gush deep down my brain,
Whilst rain pelts in the drain,
I keep watching rain kissing the flower,
And happily grasses are taking a holy shower.

Rivers are crying on the laps of the motherly earth,
Feeling cold at night craving for a burning hearth,
Hiding Stars torch a way for clouds to soar in blue,
For their love is truly true.

I keep admiring the flashes of incoming lights,
From sky to illuminate my murky night,
I catch every strike of light kissing my window,
Inhaling an intoxicating aroma of soil of the meadow.

I want to watch rain for the entire night,
Falling in love with romance of lights,
Reminiscing my good old days,
Until clouds settle down in the bay.

©® Bagawath Bhandari

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