AfricaRead’s Reader App Features

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Some Features Available on AfricaRead App

Below are the smart features of the app and various functions performed by these navigational tools/buttons:

HOME tab

this tab opens a beginning page called the ‘Home page’. This is the first page which appears immediately after a user signs in into the app.

Features; The Home page basically displays the books available in the bookstore arranged categorically. And also has a set of these books being lined up as recommended books which normally changes by default to give the user a variety of different books to choose from at random.

Categories; Business & Finance; Children Books; Novels, Drama & Poems, Religious Literature & Motivation; Textbooks etc.


this tab opens up to the number of books bought or downloaded by the user from the bookstore. With a sensitive visible search tool to help the user quickly search for his/her book from the bookshelf to read.


primarily views the profile of the user and helps the user to manage books bought from the bookstore. It also displays the number of books read, number of pages read, number of books partially read.

Features; the ‘Saved Books’ button allows the user to identify books saved to read later. The ‘About’ button when pressed, takes the user to read wide about Africa read The ‘Support’ button also allows the user to stay interactive with AR. by submitting any problem experienced by the user to management of AR. The account tab is the last tab beneath the page.

These and many other interesting features is what you will find on AfricaRead App. Hurry, Go get the App for yourself and enjoy the revolution.

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