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Traditional Mode of Publishing – The Fading Method

Decades ago, traditional mode of publishing was the norm of the day in the publishing industry globally. Where tens of thousands of authors chose this mode in bringing their passionate dreams of becoming recognized authors into reality. But truth be told, this archaic mode has not fully satisfied the desires of these authors. Authors who chose this mode had to choose between publishing through:

  1. A Commercial publisher (i.e. look for a publisher, wait for review and approval for months, and may be get contracted before publishing begins). Or
  2. Self-publishing: This is where some authors will prefer bearing the cost and risks of publishing, marketing and selling all by themselves so as to gain every single profit.

In both approaches these modes are seen today as time-wasting, costly, hard way of marketing, the challenge of reaching tens and thousands of readers and also less royalty received.

Now Mode Of Publishing

So, are you a writer or an author, do you fall a victim to this archaic mode of publishing? Here’s some good news! An alternative to this mode is here for Africans and beyond and it is the Online Self-publishing mode. And we are glad to announce that is here to sort you out. At, you enjoy so much.

A comprehensive mode of publishing,

Highly reduced cost of publishing,

No cost of printing,

Have total freedom from the stress of distribution.

With Africa Read, author enjoys as high as a 90% royalty per every book sale. Africa Read exposes you to a larger audience in Africa and beyond.

Africa Read: Bridging authors and Readers

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