the digital age

The Digital Age: Profitable Bookstore and Bookshelf

There is no doubt that technology has really influenced the world and Africa is not an exception. Every sector has received its share of the influence. As a result, the mode of accessing knowledge has changed in this digital age. It has, therefore, become necessary for content creators to package materials to suit the period. To help this transition, is the reason for the emergence of Africa Read and its Reading App. This piece outlines some importance of the Reading App to readers and authors alike.

Authors now have the privilege to digitize their materials and be global. No need to carry them to bookstores, they can now remotely upload on AfricaRead App. This reduces cost and saves time.  The worry about pirates is no more since the materials on the App are not transferable, even screenshot is not permitted.

Readers in this age who are glued to their devices can now easily buy and read materials from their favorite authors on the App, build a portable library, reduce cost and save time.

Ardent readers in Africa and beyond have the chance now to access wide range of materials any when and anywhere.

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