oceanic wave of love

An Oceanic Wave of Love

An Oceanic Wave of Love…

As the western horizon swallows the blazing sun,
My emotions float on the never-ending ocean,
The nostalgic feeling creeps deep down my heart,
As the ocean cuddles and kisses the bosom of the earth.

I watch the dances of the coconut tree,
On which birds are on a hunting spree,
They mate passionately in the comfy nest,
For another time, pain germinates deep in my chest.

Orange hue oscillates on the face of the ocean,
Driving my energies and deeper emotions,
My love for her unleashes the chain,
But loneliness in me dips me in the pain.

I imagine her tenderness from my comfy shade,
Just to come out of an ocean akin to Mermaid,
And embrace me in her burning bosom,
The feeling of affection would be awesome.

I presume her in every wave of the soothing marine,
Akin to the enchantress of an angel so serene,
Teasing me with her passionate and bewitching eyes,
With her hair soaring high in the deep blue sky.

But the night swallows the light of the day,
And for the last time, I pray,
Besides that Marine’s bay,
For her to come there to play.

Yet, only cold wind hugs and kisses me,
As my thoughts delve into the silent sea,
Pushing me back to my death bed,
In the trance of my eyes, I see only her silhouette.


©® Bagawath Bhandari


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