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Preparing for a Purposeful Relationship

In my article, Agents of Relational Rush published on AfricaRead, I brought out some factors that cause individuals to jump into relationships without adequate preparation. Lack of purpose, pressure among others were mentioned. In the tertiary, I have seen lives that have proven these mentioned agents of relational rush authentic, as it were. Some areas in life where preparation must be done before relationships were mentioned. In view of this, the article will be discussing some of the areas in our lives that one needs to intentionally prepare for in order to have a long-lasting relationship.

To begin with, the truth is that the spiritual controls the material. It is popularly said that nothing just happens. Everything that happens has a source, sometimes from an unseen realm. As such, the onus is placed on all and sundry to work on having and maintaining a strong spiritual stance. Relating this to relationship, the choice of a partner should be less influenced by the physical. The curve, stature and the broad chest, and others should be minor in our decision. What is the use of all these without a strong spiritual stance? In dire situations, what will keep us going on in our relationships? One has to prepare spiritually before hooking up with another person. Building a strong relationship with God should be the goal of single people. In that, He is at the center and sustenance of the union. Having this in place goes a long way to influence ones’ choice of partner, how resolute one is to live by God’s standard, and eventually how ones’ home and kids are raised.

Moreover, after gaining a strong spiritual stance, it is necessary that attention is given to finances. Once a relationship begins, some financial obligations will come up. As a result, males and females alike are to gain an appreciable level of finance to run the relationship. Love gives. Cash is needed to aid the expression of ones’ love to the object of interest. Getting decent work and an appreciable income must consume every male before any other priority after a deep connection with God.

Again, though love is a deliberate decision, one cannot deny the fact that some emotions come to play. Consequently, emotional maturity is needful in all kinds of relationships. Becoming abreast with the emotional advantages and disadvantages that could be incurred is key. Feeling loved is great. However, one can be hurt badly in a relationship as well. Oftentimes, one may be demanded to sacrifice some desires for mutual understanding or for the partners’ desires. The ability to control ones’ self cannot be over-emphasized. All these places a demand on seekers of prospective partners to build themselves emotionally.

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things” (1 Corinthians 13:11).

What does this verse seek to communicate? Some individuals after hooking up physically with a loved one, still remain in the realm of singleness psychologically. They think and behave as single people. Which in return, affects the relationship. To avoid such, one has to prepare mentally to develop a new mindset in order to think and act in favor of the relationship.

Relationship and subsequently the mini prison, marriage, are major circles of life that demand careful consideration before final decisions. Hence, singles and young adults should grab the opportunity to prepare adequately before commencing such.

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