Another Night in Fight…

Another Night in Fight…

Mirage of moon shines in the ocean,
Whilst heart burns in emotions,
Blooms die with fading hues,
As life trespasses with no clues.

Darkness swallows lights around me,
Tears stream down when I think of thee,
The furthest distance afar in the hill,
My tender shoot of emotions get grilled.

In the darkest corner of my room,
I always wait for the crescent moon,
To shine and reflect thy perfect sketch,
For my heart to scribble you on its page.

Even stars betrayed me tonight,
Failing to be on my side,
Guiding my way to your home,
And in loneliness I croon the sentimental songs.

Only windows smile throughout the night,
Playing hide and seek with the light,
Glittering in the profundity of the ocean,
But, I never see you in any occasion.

Keep hiding in the clouds and thickets,
For me I have singing crickets,
To accompany me till the dawn,
Before sun kisses the southern town.

©® Bagawath Bhandari

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