thee my mother

Thee, My Mother…

Thee, My Mother…

In the depth of my mother’s eyes,

I envisage the universe and the sky,

Her smile keeps revolving around the clock,

Gently fondling me amid her eternal love.

Her fragile hands keep serving me the best,

Gently caressing my eyes laying on her chest,

Her ripen hairs on her head flutter in the air,

And she smiles even if she is in tears.

She is an iron lady of our home,

And even today I listen to her songs,

As she croons akin to the Nightingale,

In the deepest mountain and its vale.

Her smile is vaster than the earth,

And her heart warmer than the hearth,

She is the purest human of all,

She stands and walks even if she falls.

My mother is the best woman of my life,

And she still smiles and strives,

For the sake of my survival,

Beneath the shine and deluge amid her whistle.

I owe thee for everything you did for me,

And thy love flows deeper than the sea,

In the deepest canal of my heart,

For eternity you will be my best person on the earth.

© Bagawath Bhandari




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