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African traditional art

The Escapade

When the baobab split and gave life to spirits that wander among our drooling huts, Olu had our umbilical cords strapped to his girdles. When the dew coughed and spewed forth blood upon the craggy Hills and blessed the flowering …

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two doves

Ramble – A Poem


As I ramble down your heart,
I found another wondrous earth,
Occupied with lush green grasses,
Amid humming rhythm of bees akin to brass.

On the memory lane of your peaky mountains,
I ramble with the shower of fountains,
Caressing the buds of Lily, Rose and Jasmine,
Wanting to cuddle with warming sunshine.

The garden of thy heart is vaster than the sky,
For my blurry eyes,
To get hold of another end,
As it continues on meanders and bends.

I keep rambling along the drumming rivers,
With company of rattling leaves of quiver,
Singing the melody with the tempo of birds,
Mating lustrously with those coy spring buds.

For thy love I will keep rambling down the street,
As my admiration for you fleets,
In every verse of mine I bleed,
The purity of adoration akin to the sleet.

©® Bagawath Bhandari


The famous comedian(clown) Charlie Chaplain once said that “To truly laugh; you must be able to take your pain and play with it.”

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